Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow Bow

Today worked about five hours scraping the bow to the trailer. I actually got a lot done.

See photo.
Started feeling a little woozy later so I'll have to wear the mask tomorrow to avoid overexposure to the Zip Strip.

I'm getting a lot better at stripping now. Paint that is.

I also re-sanded the main hatch door and and threshold pieces of wood the second mate had previously done. And started varnishing them. The varnish job went great -- put two coats on.

Then like the green horn I am I set them out in the sun to finish curing. Big mistake. Both pieces of wood got sun blistered so it's back to sanding again.

There was a freak squall this afternoon. I got totally soaked for about 20 minutes then it turned to cloudy skies after several hours of pure Okinawa sunshine. One small victory was the varnish job seemed to hold up in the rain.
Below are the before and after photos of the main hatch.

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