Monday, June 16, 2008

Swabbing the Deck

The skipper (AKA: Captain J) spent the morning giving Scarlette a hosedown and complete scrub of her deck. The wood toe rails really needed it as a greenish-brown material -- possible growth -- was attached.

It took about three hours to scrub everything down to include reattaching the @#$% hose that kept coming apart ONLY after I would climb up on deck via an eight-foot ladder. Well at least this is good summer-break exercise.

Plan is to get the toe rails ready for sanding and then varnishing after we get back from Kyushu.

We are going to Kyushu -- via plane and not this boat -- this Thursday or five days. Should return June. 23.

The V-berth also got a complete scrub down up to the front area where sails can be stored. The skipper was a little scared to go too far forward in case Scarlette my tip over on the trailer. Probably wouldn't happen but he wanted to avoid any catastrophe.


donnalee said...

Looks like you have your work cut out for you. But I think you are in good hands with your second in command. He is a handsome little man. When you finish your Scarlette where will you sail her? I hope you get this, I have never posted a blog before!

Snowsmoon said...

Well, I see you found that boat you were talking about....This will be fun reading you updates and i hope that you will check my blog. I have ben blogging here with blogger for a while now. It is mostly scrapping booking but I do write about things that I am doing with my family too!

I will have to save the link when I get home from MO.
Your Sister