Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First summer sail

EAST CHINA SEA -- (June 22, 2010) Sailed Scarlette today for the first time this summer. Wind wasn't too bad. Better than I thought it would be. Had a hard time getting the jib (front sail) up need to look into getting some type of silicon for the the sail edge so it goes up easier when I single hand. Well left the GPS on the boat so I'll try to get the image of my crazy sailing up tomorrow.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scarlette 2010

GINOWAN MARINA, Japan (June 21, 2010) -- Cap'n J checking e-mail and facebook accounts at the main harbor office at Ginowan Marina, north of Naha, Japan. The marina has free wireless service for marina members.

GINOWAN MARINA, Japan -- (June 21, 2010) Today's project was to remove some of the netting from the stern area. Problem was the tiller handle kept getting stuck in this netting on wide turns. Was going to try sailing today but too windy.

GINOWAN MARINA, Japan -- (June 21, 2010) Lunch aboard Scarlette consisted of curry udon and coffee. Both heated up on board the new portable gas butane range.

GINOWAN MARINA, Japan (June 21, 2010) Cap'n J dons his reading glasses aboard Scarlette to read. Started having blurry close up vision back in January. Age.