Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank God for Laundromats

Today, took the mildew smelling cushion covers to the local laundromat here to see if their public washing machine could do any damage to the mildew smell.

The first mate would've killed me if I would have loaded those into our own washing machine.

So off to the laundromat I went with the second mate.

After 30 minutes or so, (finally got a haircut, while I waited) came back to the laundry room and some lady had pulled out my cushion covers from one of the washers. She said, "Oh were those yours?"

"Yeah," I say.

Waited for the second washer to finish and pulled the cushion covers out...

...slight mildew smell still there.

Took the covers home to hang off our balcony in direct sunlight to see if that'll work. But it looks like tomorrow, I'm off to the dry cleaners.

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