Monday, June 30, 2008

Stripping without a pole II

Got a lot of paint stripping done today.

Basically, that's all I did for about four hours.

Got a good strip done of the bow to the trailer up to the keel. The center part of the ship is really hard to strip. My guess is there is more paint there. It's basically three coats I'm stripping. Two layers of red and one primer grey.

And was able to strip the port side of the keel. This went a lot faster then the starboard side. I'm getting better at this paint stripping. I did ask myself several times today, why am I doing this again. Doubt I'll do this for a while. Next year, It'll just be a bottom sand and repaint. You can see the small repair job, I had done also in this photo. It's the square to the very left of the photo right under the water line.
One problem I'm going to have to solve is how do I strip, sand and paint the parts of the ship that are resting on the trailer?
I asked the harbor master if they have any stands and he said no. But he did provide some names of people who might have something. Little leary about this part of the strip, sand and painting.
If the weather cooperates, I will hopefully be done with all of the stripping by Thursday. Tomorrow, I'll finish off the starboard side near the keel and possibly begin stripping paint from the bow.

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