Saturday, June 28, 2008

1 step forward, 2 step backward

Was at the boat today with the second mate.

He did some sanding and added brasso to the pulpit rails.

I glued down the nicely varnished piece of threshold wood to the main hatch with guerilla glue. First time ever doing this. I was going good until I clamped the piece down to hard and left two small circles where the clamp bit into the wood. I put light cardboard paper in there to avoid this but it wasn't enough.

So now, I'll probably have to resand it later and then revarnish it. Lessons learned. Much of this stuff, I'm doing for the very first time.

Everytime I tried to do some sanding the skies literally opened up with Biblical type rain. Got totally drenched twice. So called it a day.

Finally called it a day.

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