Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trailer tires

The back tires on my trailer need to be replaced. I've put this off probably too long mostly because I get so little use out of the trailer.

But when you consider the wheels is what is holding up the trailer which holds the boat when it's on them, then it's time for an upgrade.

In the photo you can see where the rightside has been rubbed down. This happened because I had the trailer pushed with the wheels locked when I first moved the boat. Instead of jacking up the trailer and trying to unfreeze them, I tried to have the weight of the boat and trailer unlock them.

It didn't work.

Rookie mistake. Later after getting the tounge of the trailer fixed after it popped off during Scarlette's first tow toward the ramp, I was able to unlock these frozen tires by jacking up the trailer. Taking some WD-40, a screwdriver and a hammer, I was unable to unfreeze the heavily rusted tires.

But it was too late. Now the bill will cost about $200 to get the tires fixed.

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LouX said...

Yeah your gonna need that trailer when typhoon season hits.