Monday, January 19, 2009


KADENA MARINA (Jan. 19, 2009) -- Spent most of today adding safety nets to the port side lifelines with Kai.

He used the Swiss Army knife to cut set up strings, so I could attach the net, then I attached it later with stronger rope.

As a boy this was a pretty cool thing to do. Getting to use a knife on a boat -- only thing we didn't have was pirate hats, eye patches or a scar on our face.

Maybe next time.

Had a fun time just spending time with Kai by ourselves.

The newly installed net looking from the bow.

The newly installed net looking from the stern.

This took us about 5 hours -- we broke for lunch at Burger King (got take out and ate it back at the marina on a picnic table overlooking the South China Sea) -- to do because I didn't want the net to look like some hoopdee thing.

When we got it all done, Kai decided he wanted to "safety" test it so he slid down the deck a little to see if the net would catch him.

Still will have to drill some holes on the toe rails to completely install the net to make it so one of the kids can't slip through -- not that any of them have as of yet -- but don't want to take any chances especially when it's just me and Kai on the boat.

Not sure when I'll get the chance to do the starboard side. Hopefully, next Saturday. Really wanted to sail today, but knew these lines had to go up and it took forever to put on.


Snowsmoon said...

Nice job....Looks like you and Kai had an AWESOME day together. She is looking Great.Maybe someday I will have you take me out on her....Hugs

The skipper said...

Or maybe we could charter a sailboat in Florida and sail to the Bahamas?

LouX said...

Nice job! Yeah, boats, knifes, lunch looking out over the marina... pretty good day for a kid (and I'm sure Kai had fun too).

The skipper said...

Hey Lou,
Thanks for the recent e-mail about Scarlette's history. I put a new wireless network in my house recently and am bouncing between two computers and my ipod trying to balance responses. I'll respond to your e-mail soon.
Cap'n J