Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Engine dilemma III

Today met Mark who agreed to take a look at my 5 horsepower Tohatsu engine. It started up last Thursday but refused to "pee" any water out of the bucket I attached to the bottom. It's a water cooled engine so it sucks water from the bottom and "pees" it out the top. Kind of essential that it does this or the engine will overheat or burn up.

Mark normally works on power boat engine but said he'd give this outboard a look either way.

We pulled the propeller out of the shaft and one of the fins on the spinning wheel that helps suck the water in was broken. Mark said the shaft was also not spinning as good. As we poked and prodded the drive shaft, Mark got to the point where he thought he'd do more harm than good and recommended that I take the engine to a dealer to get it looked at by someone who normally does outboard engines.

Drove around Naha for about two hours and still couldn't find the place.

Was able to replace the bilge pump after several hours of electrical wire trouble shooting. It's looking more and more like, I'm going to have to rewire the innards of Scarlette because of a failed switch. More on that later.

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