Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Air dry

OK, so I was at the point where I was kind of bored and decided I was at the point where I could actually check to see what the sails looked like and in what condition they were in. So I pulled up the mainsail and here's what I saw. (See photo at left)

The sail was pretty crisp. Supposedly if it's not it means that the sail is older and more worn. So from my wide ranging experience, I'm saying this sail was in pretty good shape.

I like the small window above the boom. I can see why this might be necessary. What I'm not real sure of is the "window" in the middle of the sail.

Not sure about that one.

But as long as it works when I need it and remains fairly clean. I'm good.

Next I got a real surprise...

...initially I thought this was the jib sail. I was a little miffed as I didn't want to have to buy a regular sized jib sail probably at a cost of "another" thousand dollars.

I'm not sure what this sail is really for. I'll have to ask Delane.

I did find the Jib sail. It's the right size so now I've got an extra sail for "really windy conditions?"

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