Thursday, July 10, 2008

oh my aching back

Tomorrow, I'm going to be sore.

Spent about three hours sanding down the stern of Scarlette. Had to wear a full body suit, goggles and face mask and it was hot!

But she feels like a baby's bottom now.

I scuffed the varnish job on the port-side aft toe rail getting out gear today from Scarlette. So I'll have to sand and varnish there again.

I'll probably put a coat of varnish on then. I'll wait a day. I'm rushing the varnish jobs too much maybe and the coats are getting enough time to dry.

Set up a tent on the starboard aft side so I can sand and varnish the remaining two rails on Saturday.

I'm dead tired. That's all for today.

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Snowsmoon said...

WOW, Amazing job, Adam....I have been busy appling to go to college again...this time I am going through with it and going for my assocates in Medical coding and billing. With the raising cost of everything and being tapped out on making more here at the ice house, it's time to move on. It is an online college and I could be finished in about 9 months....WOO HOO a College girl at 50...ROTFLMBO

Have you checked out my blog...
I will email you the link...Love you guys and tell the family I said hello!