Monday, July 14, 2008

Hawaiian Two-Step (Step 1)

Today, spent most of the day applying the first of a two-step gel-coat restoration of the red part that's above the water line on Scarlette.
See before and after photo above.

Honestly, I was skeptical whether this product would work as good as advertised. Well, the boys at the marina have already started asking, what did you use on that to get it like that?

Sounds and looks like it works to me. I'm going to hold off on this portion of the restoration until after I get the bottom painted.

Mainly because I got the jack stands from John with the stipulation that "if a typhoon rolls in, I'm going to need those back." John has a 42-foot Morris boat, I believe.

So, I've got to jack the boat up, finish a little sanding and begin the painting. I expect to be done in 3-4 days depending on the weather.

I have to add 6 coats of the barrier coat (white) and 3 coats of bottom paint (red). Then she'll be ready to be put in the water. Should be getting in several orders through the mail this week that I'll be adding as I wait for the paint to dry.

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