Monday, August 10, 2009

Scarlette back in water

Today boat back in. Out since Apr. 19, 2009. Getting ready for move to Ginowan Harbor. Will check on slip tomorrow then, may move Scarlette to Ginowan on Wednesday.


DIVERBOY said...

SHE Looks Great, Lots of hard work has really paid off! Glad the typhoon missed you!

LouX said...

Are you moving to Ginowan for good? Isn't it way more expensive?

The skipper said...

Thanks Diverboy. Glad the typhoon missed us too.

LouX: Yes. Moving to Ginowan for good. It's five minutes from my house versus 30 minutes. It's a full service harbor where Kadena is simply a place to park the boat.

DIVERBOY said...

Great! I looked up Ginowan Marina on the internet, looks like a great place. The prices are CHEAPER than the Marina where my boat is parked on lake mead, And I am in the middle of the desert on a lake! Looking forward to my June trip!