Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ginowan Harbor Sunset

Second mate Kai cheeses for the camera as Scarlette heads back into her new port at Ginowan Harbor.
GINOWAN HARBOR, Japan -- (Aug. 15, 2009) Scarlette and a crew of two headed out for a maiden voyage from the 1985 Nissan-made J/24 sailboats new home.

The trip lasted 2 hours 6 minutes and 33 seconds and the crew traveled a distance of 7.8 miles.
"Basically this was an out and back trip," said Cap'n J.

Cap'n J is silhouted by the sunset on the South China Sea as Scarlette returns to her new home port.

"We also stayed aboard Scarlette for a father and son sleepover." While Kai watched a movie on a portable DVD player, Cap'n J, did some internal rearranging of the inside of Scarlette. "We were also waiting for our trailer to be delivered from Kadena Marina to Ginowan Harbor."

Kai stands aboard her new slip at Piling 13 at Ginowan Harbor as the sun sets on the South China Sea.

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