Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mental Floss is For Sale

After a day of sailing aboard a Catalina Capri 18 rental at Kadena Marina with DR and TR, I stop to talk with TJ, a boat owner at the harbor.

TJ tells me that "Mental Floss" is for sale.

I kind of laugh and tell him that I still haven't got my Class II boating license for Japan. I think the guy will take "$$$$" for it he says. Wow that is a great price I think to myself.

My interest still isn't totally picqued until I sit down with DR and TR at lunch at the Seaside Restaurant. And we start talking about the day's sail and how much fun we had. Then we talk a little about Mental Floss.

Yeah, it'd be nice to own my boat, but that's about all I think about it.