Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let me zee ya pay-pahs

Agreed to meet JH's representative at Camp Foster's Joint Services Vehicle Registration Office here in Okinawa because he had the day off. (Basically a four-day weekend).

On the way to meet him, I wonder if the military person had the day off is the JSVRO is closed today too?

Try calling to no avail via my cell phone.

Then I call the legal office to see if at least we can get the Bill of Sale notarized.

Some lieutenant colonel answers the phone (a little surprising since it's usually lance corporal so and so) he confirms that his office can do the notary service but not until the next day as all Marines in Okinawa have gotte a 96. (96 hours of liberty).

I call JH's representative and cancel meeting and agree to meet on Wednesday instead.