Friday, July 17, 2009

Scarlette's Rudder Gets "Tattoo"

KADENA MARINA, Japan (July , 2009) -- Scarlette's rudder got a "tattoo" at this seaport on the South China Sea.

The "tat" designed by Cap'n J takes it's concept from the "nose art" of airplanes from World War II. Scarlette's art however is displayed at the back instead of the front of the vessel.

The girl -- a volupious blond with a large posterior -- isn't Asian at all. Wanted Scarlette to remain as unique as posssible and since she'll be flying an American flag under sail, I wanted her to look more "American" than Asian.

I also added two coats of varnish over her to ensure water wouldn't wash away the sticker I printed on my computer.

The inspiration for Scarlette's name is Scarlet O'Hara from the book "Gone With the Wind." I contemplated adding a confederate flag to this logo but was a little afraid it'd be taken the wrong way.

If I can find one, I will be purchasing a confederate flag 12" x 18" to fly while underway on the new mast halyards I created before raising the mast.

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