Thursday, November 27, 2008

The other woman

SOUTH CHINA SEA (Nov. 27, 2008) -- The "other woman" finally met Scarlette.

My wife doesn't share the same passion I have for Scarlette and boating in general.

But since she can't cook Turkey (our stove is just too small) and we both had the Thanksgiving Holiday off (it's an American federal holiday for us here too) she kind of ran out of excuses as to why she couldn't come aboard and tool around off the coast of Chatan, Okinawa on the South China Sea.

Since owning the boat last May 2008 this was the first trip "the other woman" had made on Scarlette.

She smiled a lot.

She played along.

She didn't get sick.

But she admitted, that she wished the boat could go faster. Maybe Scarlette was a little jealous and didn't want to show "the other woman" a fun time.

I'm batting 0 and 2 with my wife when it comes to sailing. After getting my sailing certification last year we went out on a rental Catalina Capri 18 and that trip was a total disaster.

No wind.

Smokey engine.

No toilet onboard -- Had to return to harbor once as she refused to "hang it over the side."

No control at harbor. I crashed into another boat which luckily only set me back about $150.The owner was extremely gracious and was glad that I had approached him and was honest about what I had done as opposed to docking and dashing.

At least Scarlette didn't make her sick. But it probably won't be until my birthday that the "other woman" and Scarlette meet again.

As for Thanksgiving dinner -- after Kai and I secured the boat -- we met Tomoe for lunch at a new Vietnamese place. She ordered Green Curry, I ordered Red Curry and Kai had noodles.

A real "traditional" meal for us as we typically eat out on Thanksgiving Day.

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